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Multi-Coloured & Prime Labels

Multi-Coloured Prime Labels are “High Visibility” labels that always command exceptional print quality and impeccable attention to detail.

Available in Semi-Gloss and High-Gloss Paper, Polypropylene & Polyester, these materials are best suited for the Flexographic printing process.

Multi-Coloured Prime Labels are found on many `Finished`products, including Food, Bakery, Health & Fitness, Commercial and Retail (point of purchase) products.  The main objective of this type of label is to capture the consumer’s interest just as the manufacturers’ Marketing Department had intended.

With several adhesive options to choose from such as Permanent, Extra Permanent, Removable, Hot Melt and Freezer Grade, Prime labels represent not only the product itself, but the manufacturer as well.

Our state of the art Flexographic printing process ensures that every label captures the essence of the product and what`s inside.  Up to 10 colour printing capability and an in-house art department, K2 Label specializes in the production of High Quality Multi-Coloured Prime Labels that will enhance the look of any product.

If required, variable imprinting can also be done on Multi-Coloured Prime Labels with the use of a Thermal Transfer Printer.  Examples include: Date Codes, Lot Numbers, Expiration Dates, etc.

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