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Direct Thermal Labels


Direct Thermal labels are offered in both “Top Coated” and “Non Top Coated” Face Stocks.

Available in Paper, Polypropylene & Polyester, all of these materials are Plain White, but can be tinted and printed in various colours to suit your needs, including borders, company logos, pictures, ingredients, etc.

Direct Thermal labels are typically made for use in Thermal Printers without a Thermal Ribbon.  The transfer of heat from the thermal printhead, activates the thermal paper and creates the desired image.  Barcodes, serial numbers, text and graphics can all be easily printed using Direct Thermal technology.  Direct Thermal printing is usually conducive to labels that do not require a long readability shelf life.  For example: Deli Counters, Shipping, Inventory Count labels, etc.

All of the Direct Thermal label face stocks offer several adhesive options to choose from.  Select from Permanent, Extra Permanent, Removable, Hot Melt, Freezer Grade, High Temperature and many others. 

From 3” cores for most standard thermal printers, to 1” cores for many desk top and portable units, Rolls or Fanfold, Perfs or No Perfs, Special Face decide.

With dozens of Stock label sizes and hundreds of die sizes to choose from, K2 Label has the label that is right for you.  No matter how large or small your requirement, we’re always here to help.

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